1. Biodiversity – The diversity of soil microorganisms, nematodes, micro-arthropods, macro-fauna, and fine root traits are assessed along tree species diversity gradients in different European forest types.

  3. Function – The already available rich database of predominantly aboveground functions from FunDivEUROPE is complemented with belowground functions such as decomposition rate of fine roots and microbial processes (enzyme activity, microbial activity potential, catabolic diversity, metabolic quotient).

  5. Climate change – We assess the role of biodiversity in the resistance and resilience of ecosystem processes in response to drought in the field with rainfall manipulations (ORPHEE and FORBIO), and with experiments at the European Ecotron in Montpellier.

  7. Socioeconomic impact – The perception of soil biodiversity by forest managers and the broader public is assessed with surveys and choice experiments allowing the evaluation of how soil biodiversity criteria influence decision-making processes.

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