Socioeconomic impact – Approach 4


The economic value of forest soil biodiversity

To assess the perception of soil biodiversity by forest managers, we use a specifically designed survey. With a questionnaire, we gather socio-demographical data as well as knowledge about and understanding of the importance of soil biodiversity and related ecosystem services. The survey also includes a choice experiment where different hypothetical forest management scenarios are proposed. This allows us to evaluate how information about soil biodiversity alters preferences and willingness to pay (or contribute time) for the conservation of soil biodiversity, and to identify communication strategies and policy instruments to change the behavior of different user groups.


Knowledge transfer to stakeholders

The wider public and decision makers in European forest management need sound scientific information to make difficult decisions for the future of European forests with ongoing climate change and biodiversity loss.

We will organize a workshop with all project partners to extract the key messages from the socio-economic analysis and field studies and experiments to determine the content of communication products. These are then developed for different user categories (e.g. forest managers, spatial planners, forest end-users) and disseminated by appropriate means.


Informational video

The informational video below was created in order to inform citizens about soil biodiversity, its role in forests, and its relationship to forest management. We had citizens answer a questionnaire before and after watching this video to see how the information impacted their awareness and views on soil biodiversity and forest management. Check it out!

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