May 2019 After one year in the field, the root litter bags were retrieved from the Finnish monospecific and mixed stand plots. This concluded the root litter bag retrieval for all four study sites located in Italy, Romania, Poland, and Finland.

May 2019 The choice experiment on forest management preferences was successfully completed by 300 citizens in Flanders, Belgium. Currently, a similar choice experiment is set up for data collection in Finland and Italy in June 2019.

April 2019 – The SoilForEUROPE consortium had a successful and productive meeting in Amsterdam, hosted by Matty Berg at VU Amsterdam, to present the status of each objective, to address questions or difficulties, and to outline the remaining work to be accomplished.

April 2019 – April 2019 – The PLFA laboratory analysis for all 64 plots were completed.

November 2018 – The 16 lysimeters, each with 1 m3 of soil, were inserted into the mesocosms of the European Ecotron in Montpellier, colonized with treatment-specific soil macrofauna, and continuous CO2 measurements were started.

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